Auto Finesse CLAY PAD

Auto Finesse CLAY PAD

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The new clay pad attachment for the Handi Puck system is just one of the latest in innovations from Auto Finesse®. Working much in the way of a clay bar, it helps to remove stubborn contaminants embedded into the paint’s surface, but at a much quicker and easy-to-use rate. The foam-backed clay disc attaches to the Handi Puck system by way of Velcro, making using it a breeze helping you to get through the decontamination phase at a much quicker rate. It is also fully washable and therefore reusable. 


Ensure to start with a clean car free of surface contaminants. Simply Velcro the clay pad attachment to the Auto Finesse Handi Puck and away you go. Work panel by panel and use together with Auto Finesse® Glide clay bar lubricant for best results. 

The Auto Finesse® Handi Puck is a high-density Velcro-backed foam dome that works as a facilitator designed to fit a wide range of 75-120mm pads, transforming some of your favourite spot pads into ergonomic hand applicators.

Supplied singularly.


  • Speeds up the claying process
  • Fully washable and reusable
  • For use with our ergonomic Handi puck