Carpro cleanse dedicated leather cleaner

Carpro cleanse dedicated leather cleaner

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CarPro Cleanse gently and effectively cleans the pores and surface of your leather to renew its appearance and prepare for conditioning.

Proper care can keep your leather in its best condition and prevent premature wear. When the pores of leather get clogged with soiling, it can cause the leather to deteriorate prematurely.


  • Safe on all types of leather
  • Doesn’t alter the look of the leather
  • Prepares leather surfaces for conditioning
  • Size: 500ml (trigger may vary from that pictured)

How to Use:

  • Apply Cleanse with a foaming sprayer to both the brush and one section of leather
  • Gently agitate the cleaner in various directions using light pressure
  • Use a Terry cloth to wipe the cleaner and residue from the leather
  • Repeat if necessary and periodically rinse the leather brush with water
  • Move to the next section and repeat steps 1 to 3