Chemical Guys Maxi Suds 2 Grape Shampoo

Chemical Guys Maxi Suds 2 Grape Shampoo

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Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II Extreme Grape Rush uses a constant release of foaming bubbles and slick wash lubricantsto lift dirt away, than guide it off paintwork for a scratch-free shine. Lift and separate dirt and debris with the super-foamingaction and delicious fresh grape scent of Maxi Suds II Extreme Grape Rush. The specialty wash polymers of Maxi Suds II rise up in each bubble, lifting and lubricating dirt and debris from sensitive automotive finishes. The advanced formula is tough on dirt, gentle on paintwork, and safe for all wax, glaze, and sealant coatings. The pH-balanced formula will not strip wax coatings, will not leave water spots or streaks, and is safe to use even in direct sunlight. Maxi Suds is extremely concentrated and extremely versatile; use just 1 ounce in a full 5 gallon bucket of water for maximum suds and slick scratch-free wash solution.

Gentle Cleaning On Tough Dirt And Debris
Use Maxi Suds II Extreme Grape Rush at any time of day or night, even in direct sunlight, for a spot-free rinse with enhanced shine and gloss. Maxi Suds II Extreme Grape Rush uses advanced cleaners and lubricants that lift dirt and debrisfrom the surface, then glide it away on slick lubricants that drastically reduce the chances of scratching paintwork or other sensitive surfaces. Proper cleaning methods and products reduce the chances of swirls and scratches and keep any vehicle looking showroom perfect.

Versatile Formula For Any Cleaning Method
Chemical Guys car wash soaps are great to use with any wash method to clean any car, truck, motorcycle, or RV. Maxi Suds II Extreme Grape Rush makes mountains of slick wash suds when diluted just 1 oz. in any 5 gallon wash bucket. For added foam and slick washing power, add 1-3 ounces of Maxi Suds II in any foam gun or foam cannon. Rinse your vehicle, then pre-soak with thick foamy suds before using the traditional two-bucket wash to further reduce the chance of installing swirls and scratches on sensitive paintwork and surfaces. Maxi Suds II cleans and shines all exterior automotive surfaces for a scratch-free shine.

Rinses Clean: No Residue, No Spots, No Footprint
Chemical Guys formulates wash shampoos and other detailing products to do one thing: detail cars. Maxi Suds II II Extreme Grape Rush washes cars with mountains of slick suds, rinsesclean with no residue or spots. Low grade cleaners and degreasers use caustic chemicals that etch paint, poison wildlife, and strip protective wax leaving vehicles unprotected from the elements. Maxi Suds II Extreme Grape Rush is safe to use on any car, truck, motorcycle, or RV.

How To Use:
Shake well and add 1 - 3 oz to 5 gallon bucket or 32 oz solution tank of foam cannon or gun.
Pre-rinse vehicle to remove loose dirt and debris.
Foam cannon or gun : spray vehicle with thick wash foam to protect the paint against swirls and scratches.
Wash surface with wash mitt and soapy solution.
Rinse using clean water for perfect shine.
Dry with a premium microfiber towel.

Part Number   CWS_1010_16
UPC   N/A yet
Size   473 ml
Top   Ketchup top 
Dilution   15ml Maxi Suds to 10 liters of water
Scent   Grape
Color   Purple
Gloss Enhancer   Yes
Wax   No
Foam   High Suds
Wax / Sealant safe   Yes
Works in foam gun   Yes
pH balanced   pH neutral
Safe for light color cars   Yes
Safe for dark color cars   Yes


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