CarPro Ultracut heavy compound

CarPro Ultracut heavy compound

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CarPro Ultracut Extreme Cut Compound is the heaviest cut compound that CarPro has created so far. Ultracut is formulated with fully diminishing abrasives that will help to correct heavy defects without leaving swirl marks or haze. Use in conjunction with CarPro cutting pads for the most effective and efficient defect removal. 

Ultracus was designed for rotary use but it can also work with amazing results with Dual Action machines as well! The formula is extremely low dusting and contains a lubricant that allows the abrasives to be worked for an extended period. These combinations result in the total breakdown of abrasives with less marring and holograms.

Available in 250ml, 500ml and 1 Litre.


  • Extreme cutting action.
  • Extremely low dust.
  • Suitable on all paint finishes.
  • Suitable for rotary and dual action users.
  • Removes p1200 grit and up.